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Founded in 1843, the Holy Childhood Association is an international organization whose membership is made up of students in Catholic elementary schools and religious education programs; it is an organization dedicated to fostering children's awareness of the missionary nature of the Church.

Serving our Schools and Religious Education Programs

The Holy Childhood Association Program in the Mission Office exists to be of service to schools and religious education programs in the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

Authorized by the Vatican, and in collaboration with the U.S. Bishops, HCA distributes educational and fund-raising programs to school and religious education programs throughout the United States. It is sometimes known as the Pontifical Association of the Holy Childhood because it is sponsored in a special way by the Pope. It is the official agency of the Holy Father for the distribution of the fund raising proceeds realized through the efforts of children for their underprivileged brothers and sisters in Third World situations. A Resource Guide (created by HCA in New York) that touches on all
aspects of HCA, is available in pdf form by clicking here. (To view and print PDFs, Acrobat Reader, free from Adobe, is needed.)

We recommend that each local program appoint a MISSION MODERATOR to assist with mission awareness and education. This person is responsible for contact with the Los Angeles Mission Office for purposes of mission animation of students. John Perez is the Coordinator for the Holy Childhood Association in Los Angeles and is happy to visit a Mission Moderator at his/her site to assist in any area of mission awareness.

Our Programs: Making a Difference In the Lives of Children

More than 100 countries participate in this effort to bring the young of different cultures closer. HCA is unique in that the assistance it provides to less fortunate children comes almost entirely from those their own age. Funds raised go toward orphanages, slum areas, schools, hospitals refugee camps and handicapped centers to provide food, medicine, clean water, shelter, and education. There are at least seven established programs of participation for children's involvement. These are:

  1. Going the Extra Mile for Kids in Need: A special program for October, Mission Month, where each diocese in the U.S. is assigned a needy country and is encouraged to have its children donate a dollar for every mile of the country's length.

  2. Advent Hope House Appeal: Children in the Los Angeles Archdiocese raise funds for a special project that the Holy Childhood in Rome lets us know about.

  3. Christmas Seals: Christmas seals, with artwork done by young HCA members in the United States, are available for programs to purchase and sell.

  4. Lent Appeal: Children use offering boxes or coin folders to sacrifice for the needs of children in crisis.

  5. HCA Around the World: Children use a wall map and flag decals to get to know countries that receive HCA assistance.

  6. Membership: For an offering of $1.15 per student, programs can subscribe to It's Our World, an educational periodical on the missions published three times annually at three different grade levels.

  7. The SHARE/CARE Program: Some programs raise funds for children in the missions in programs of their own design such as a Walk-a-thon. Others do a daily or weekly collection. Funds such as these are part of the general category called SHARE/CARE.

  8. Read About HCA
    As articles relating to HCA appear, we will post links to them in this section. Visit often to to view updates. Most recently, an article titled “Catholic youth praised for supporting Holy Childhood Association” appeared in the November, 1 2002 issue of The Tidings. Click here to view what was written about us.


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